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    • Three Levels of Doneness [pdf]
      How do you know when you’re done with something? With software applications, there are at least three levels of doneness – business, customer/user, and technical. There are different metrics for doneness at each level. Tests at each level can help create a unambiguous definition of done for that level.
    • Doneness Focused Processes [pdf]
      In a previous article, I described the three levels of doneness tests – business, customer/user, and technical. Corresponding to these levels of tests are three processes that are all focused on the doneness tests.  These are Business Test-Driven Development (BTDD), Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD), and Test-Driven Development (TDD). We’ll see how they differ and how they all relate to Plan/Do/Check(Study)/Act (PDCA).
    • Estimating Business Value [pdf]
      Creating software is about delivering business value. Without some measure of business value, it’s hard to determine whether the software has any. For several years, I’ve presented a session on estimating business value to local user groups and national conferences. My new book, Lean-Agile Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Better Software through Collaboration, includes a section on estimating business value. Here are some ideas from that book and others accumulated over the years.
    • Business Value Driven Development / Customer Focused Delivery [pdf]
      IIn the three levels of process described previously, the highest is business value driven development (BVDD). In this process the focus is on business value, such as increased revenues or decreased costs. For customer facing groups, the business value typically involves customer focused delivery – such as developing things that increase customer satisfaction.