ATDD/BDD in Context with DDD and Clean Architecture

Ken Pugh (


The Test Recorder application was created as an example of ATDD/BDD in context with DDD and Clean Architecture.  It is a working program that you can use to keep track of manual tests for your applications.   You can download the application from  GitHub.   

I recorded a session that discusses the design with which will be available on youtube. 

The slides for that session are here.

Here are some additional links to material

•       A Coalesced View of Software Development  

•       This view incorporates what I have learned over the past years by my own experience and the experience of others. 

•       Requirement Driven Development and Test-Driven Development

•       Kent Beck’s currency example was in his book on TDD.   This expands on that example using Gherkin. 

•       A Behavior Perspective on Development

•       J.B. Rainsberger presented a fraction arithmetic example.   This is an alternative approach. 

•       The Auction Sniper – An ATDD/BDD Approach

•       The Auction Sniper is an example by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce.  This gives an alternative approach. 

•       The Mars Rover Kata and BDD/ATDD

•       Gherkin scenarios for the Mars Rover. 

•       Building Collaboration with Visible Tests

•       Gherkin for Fizz Buzz

•       Use Your Ubiquitous Language in Your Design

•       An example of why domain terms / abstract data types can make code more readable

•       The Gilded Rose Kata from a Gherkin Perspective

•       Gherkin for this kata

•       A Dollar Kata

•       A kata you can try that can create a useful component.