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  A Few Shades of Gherkin For Business Rules

A blog on talked about ways to document scenarios for a business rule.   It reminded me about some aspects of blog wrote a few years ago called Six Shades of Gherkin.    Here’s the business rule that was used as the example in blog:

A volume discount rule provides 10% off for purchases between 5 and 10 items, 15% for purchases between 10 and 20; and 20% above that.

One of the issues with business rules is making sure they are understood by the entire triad (customer, developer, tester).    In this example,  what is the discount for 10 items?    One way to document is to use a scenario outline that gives the results for each side of each breakpoint.   Another important value is documenting the results at the limits and beyond. Continue reading   A Few Shades of Gherkin For Business Rules