Monthly Archives: February 2022

Acceptance Testing Artificial Intelligence – AIQ

How do you apply test-first to an artificial intelligence application? That was a question posed to me during one of my ATDD/BDD workshops. Here are my thoughts. I got inspiration from recent articles in IEEE Spectrum and Communications of the AC. I welcome additional suggestions from you. The examples here represent some of the areas in which AI is currently used. Another article will explore acceptance testing for autonomous vehicles. 

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How Do We Know We’re Done? One Way to End the Story

“How Do We Know We’re Done?” is a question often asked by agile teams.   I’d like to show a narrative of how this question might be answered.   As the example, I’ll use one from James Shore’s new edition of Art of Agile Development, Chapter 9, Customer Examples.  He describes a meeting between the product owner and the developers to gather information on a story  The section ends with the developer’s taking a picture of a whiteboard of a business rule and heading off to develop.    Here’s a possible narrative for the rest of the story of “How Do We Know We’re Done”. 

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