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The Full Story – Checking a Big Output

In “Building Collaboration with Visible Tests”, we saw how to write scenarios for three of the requirements of the FizzBuzz kata.  In this article, we’ll look at the remaining requirement – a big output and alternative ways to create tests for it using BDD and Approval Testing  (Llewellyn Falco and Emily Bache).   The same approaches can be used for other applications which have large amounts of output.     

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Acceptance Testing Artificial Intelligence – AIQ

How do you apply test-first to an artificial intelligence application? That was a question posed to me during one of my ATDD/BDD workshops. Here are my thoughts. I got inspiration from recent articles in IEEE Spectrum and Communications of the AC. I welcome additional suggestions from you. The examples here represent some of the areas in which AI is currently used. Another article will explore acceptance testing for autonomous vehicles. 

Html is here. PDF is here.