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Use Cases and ATDD/BDD Scenarios

Ivar Jacobson And Alistair Cockburn have a great article on “Use Cases are Essential”. You can read it at https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/3631182. Its summary says, “Use cases provide a proven method to capture and explain the requirements of a system in a concise and easily understood format”. I have incorporated use cases in my ATDD/BDD workshops for many years. In this article, I’ll show one transformation of the use case they used in their paper into the detailed ATDD/BDD scenarios. 

The PDF is here

The HTML version is here.

Layers of Scenarios and a Reply on Randomness


Gojko Adzic asked for opinions in his blog “How to Specify Something Should Be Random.  He presented alternative scenarios and asked for your choice.

The situation he described is having a robot’s chat response appear like it comes from a human being. There could be multiple levels of tests associated with this requirement. Let’s take a look at these levels and along the way give my choice(s) for an answer. Continue reading Layers of Scenarios and a Reply on Randomness

Decompose Scenarios for Simpler Scenarios

A blog question on relative dates by Gojko Adzic triggered a blog post by Seb Rose.   The two blog posts showed there are many shades of gherkin.  I’d like to use the example in those two posts to demonstrate a couple of facets of scenario decomposition. This uses a slightly different shade than Seb’s.

Continue reading Decompose Scenarios for Simpler Scenarios